• X1600/X1260/X1200/X800  Pure Power Supply

         Based on “precise wave modification technology”, by means of real time monitoring of the AC power wave and correcting any distortion from Sine Wave ideal shape.  The Dussun's pure AC power supply achieves reduction in AC power wave distortion, eliminating interference and stabilizing voltage in order to create a highly pure AC power supply.

        Mainly consisting of a low impedance high speed amplifier, a digital low distortion basic wave generator and high energy reservation power supply, the “precise wave modification system” modifies the AC power wave in real time, continuously and precisely at a response speed several thousand times faster than wall AC power supply frequency. This ensures the pure power supply is able to output the perfect sine wave with ultra low wave distortion, and ultra high voltage stabilization.

        Adopting the internally generated low distortion pure sine wave as a reference, the pure power supply not only modifies the distorted input AC power wave, but also removes any DC component of the wall AC power supply. This ensures the positive half of the sine wave and the negative half of the sine wave are equivalent and precisely mirror-image. This process reduces the transformer hum noise in some high-end large power amplifiers caused by DC component from wall AC power supply. In many cases, this noise is reduced down to below the threshold of human aural sensitivity.

        The pure power supply input circuit is isolated from the output circuit by a high performance high quality transformer. The isolated power supply system immensely reduces or eliminates ground leakage interference that can take place often in audio/visual equipment, or in precise measurement instruments, ensuring the purest audio/visual quality or precise and authentic measurement results.

        X1600/X1260/X1200 output Apparent Power  was related with a power load with maximum continuous output power of 1600VA/1200VA/1200VA in the conditions of good ventilation. Peak output power as high as close the double of maximum continuous output power was tested. With ultra low internal impedance, the X1600/X1260/X1200 output voltage varied little within their specified output range, virtually eliminating voltage fluctuation due to AC line impedance while load changed. Their ultra strong transient power supply capacity and stable output voltage provided the most accurate dynamic response. Their fast response speed surpassed overwhelmingly that of all traditional AC regulator, eliminated prevalent “dynamic compression” which is a complained often and widely heard about normal AC power, and specifically other AC regulator. Their electric efficiency exceeded 80% within rated power output range, much higher than that of linear reproduction type (AC-DC-AC) AC power supplies. With lower heat produced, X1600/X1260/X1200 delivered higher power output than the former did with same size (or weight).

        As operated in linear model, the pure power supply largely reduced distortion from original the AC power wave. Based on the inborn advantage of linear model, the output voltage did not contain any high frequency noise and EMI (electro magnetic interference) radiation normally produced by PWM (pulse width modulation), which was inevitable if a switch-mode type AC conditioner had been used.

        The pure power supply adopted Dussun patented “synchronized wave process” technology, the output voltage and input voltage frequency and phase remain always accurate and consistent. Applied to an audio/visual system, it will eliminate video rolling bars and speaker cone zero position swing. Applied to measure system in a laboratory environment, it will eliminate differential beat interference and improve the measured result display stably.

        The pure power supply working model from “precise wave modification technology” possesses a very strong noise suppression. Equipped with built in dual module input filters and output differential module filters, they reduced line interference immediately. When analyzed by a precise measurement instrument (like Dussun's CT-1 AC power quality meter), it is easy to see the big change in power quality between a highly contaminated AC power source, and the cleanly output from the pure power supply. Observation of these results usually drove the observer to consider AC power supply conditioning very seriously.

        The pure power supply are equipped with a built in highly stable digital indication meter, which will display “input voltage”, “Output voltage” and “Output current” in real time. X1600/X1260 could display “Input Distortion” and “Output Distortion”. “Input voltage” indication is not only for observing input voltage, but also for observing the line voltage fluctuation when at heavy load. “Output current” indication helps you observe the power consumption of your equipment. “Input Distortion” and “Output Distortion” indication for helps you observe the changes in power quality before and after the process by X1600/X1260.All of operations are very convenient.

        Equipped with huge Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy heat sink, X1600/X1260/X1200/X800 releases heat produced in proportion to output power, and operates in quite silence. If the ventilation condition is good and the temperature of heat sink exceeds the alarm level, the unit will power off automatically. Compared to industrial AC power conditioner with fans, the Dussun's pure power supply possesses higher reliability and voltage stabilization. Under the requirement for strict noise control environment, X1600/X1260/X1200 pure AC power supply is the best choice to replace a fan-type AC power conditioner.

        The X1600/X1260/X1200 provides 2 groups of AC power output sockets, each independently filtered (4 sockets per group), in order to reduce the interference to the minimum level among the equipment connected to the 2 groups of sockets. Usually we suggested to connect analogue equipment and digital equipment to different groups of sockets respectively, or connect low power consumption equipment and large power consumption equipment to different groups of sockets respectively, in order for the lowest interference.

        The Dussun's pure power supply are designed to meet all worldwide safety regulations for appliances of their type. A built in high power voltage surge suppression system can suppress high voltage surges and transient voltage peaks (such as from distant lightning strikes) effectively. The Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy case is connected to safety ground, ensured safety protection at all times. When the rated output power is reached or exceeded, an audio beeper will alarm.  If an overload is severe or extreme, power will be cut off immediately, so that no harm or equipment damage may take place. In the event of an overload shutdown, it will be necessary to manually re-start the unit. First remove the excessive load, and then simply re-power on the unit to resume moral operation.

        The Dussun's pure power supply are suitable for application wherever high quality AC power supply and no-noise interference is desirable. Application examples would include high-end audio/visual audition/appreciation room, or a precise measurement laboratory. For most precision measurement requirements where lower total power requirements are lower, the X1600/X1260/X1200 could be used to provide pure AC power. For applications where more power capacity is required, the X1600/X1260/X1200 could be used in solo, or in multiple units to form a larger AC power system. Usually, one of X1600/X1260/X1200 can provide enough pure AC power for a full set of audio system or home theater system equipment.

    Voltage waveform of AC line

    (distortion approx. 5%)


    output waveform

    (distortion approx. 0.3%)








    (for Japan)

    Frequency of input voltage

    50 Hz ±1%  (only)


    Rated output capacity

    1600 VA

    1200 VA

    800 VA

    1200 VA

    Maximum output at protection 3000 VA 2400 VA 1500 VA 2400 VA

    Rated output voltage

    AC 220/235 V ±1%

    AC 100/117 V ±1%

    Rated output current

    100V Model



    8.1 A

    12 A

    117V Model ———— ———— 6.7 A 10.5 A
    220V Model 7.5 A 5.5 A 3.7 A ————
    235V Model 6.8 A 5.1 A 3.4 A ————

    Output voltage distortion

    0.5%when wall AC Power Supply Distortion5%

    The range of input voltage

    100V Model


    ———— AC 87 115 V
    117V Model ———— ———— AC 102 135 V
    220V Model AC 192 252 V ————
    235V Model AC 204 270 V ————

    Indication meter accuracy

    Indication reading ×1%±1

    Stand-by consumption

    50 W

    50 W

    40 W

    50 W

    Cooling system

    huge Aluminium/Magnesium Alloy,

    natural convection heat sink







    Shipping Weight (lb):






    Dussun patented “synchronized wave process” engine

    Equipped with huge aluminium/magnesium alloy heat sink

    Hospital grade receptacles



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